I hope you all have been enjoying my blog posts. With every post I write, I try to let you into my life a little bit more. Recently, I’ve been thinking of doing some more traveling and maybe even setting up a tour schedule. Although I love my state of Texas, I do enjoy escaping to lands close by and far away. I’m always looking for new travel destinations.

For my personal leisure, I’m looking forward to planning a trip to Dubai, a few islands in the Caribbean, and maybe even Africa. Traveling helps to broaden my horizons and learn more about different cultures. It’s extremely important for me to feed my mind with knowledge so that I not only keep up with the times, but so I can also live a memorable life. So often I hear of people wanting to travel to these far destinations only to not end up following through with their plans.  I make sure I always stick to anything I set.

If I do decide to tour, I’ve been thinking of visiting the east coast and midwest. I thoroughly enjoy winter, so visiting these areas will be the highlight of my tour. I do love Texas, but the weather in the bayou city can get a bit hot at times. I’m also thinking of possibly making a visit to the west coast as well. California has some great cities I would like to tour.

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