They say there are three sides to every story and I’d like to share mine. At face value, I’m afraid my appearance might wow you with gorgeousness. Stick around and you’ll start to feel like the luckiest guy on earth. Maybe I’m nature’s best kept secret because my qualities are equal to my stunning appearance. I take pride in keeping my physique as fit as can be and it shows in everything from whispers of lace to the most refined cocktail dress. In case you were wondering, I stand five feet, four inches tall in my stocking feet with measurements of 34DDD-24-36. I am a compact delight that comes as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Yes, there is another side to Kayla – a professional-by-day, independently driven, serial entrepreneur that thrives on accomplishment. I’ve got a creative streak that remains in constant pursuit of new ventures. Goddess of all things artistic, I’ve got a lot of enthusiasm that channels into my sexuality which I’d love to share with you.

Though I am refreshingly relaxed and good-natured by default, my spirit harbors a foundation of stability placing me squarely at ease in any socioeconomic environment. Perhaps what you’ll admire most about me is the incredible simplicity with which I view life. Who has time for complications?

I dedicate routine exercise to sculpt my body and align myself with the temple that is my figure. I was blessed with good genes, the kind of appearance that quietly turns heads in admiration. Think of me as a class act whether regaled in a sharp business suit which will do you proud or a sinfully naughty lingerie ensemble which will do you in.

All that pent-up energy of yours is about to release because ecstasy will be ours on many levels beyond the physical. We’ll seduce each other with flirty conversation as our inner sensualists celebrate every imaginable sensation. If you take away nothing else from our soon-to-be acquaintance, let it be how wonderful a true lady can make you feel.

Fees are for time and companionship only. If anything else happens it is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults.
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