Engagements that resonate with illustrious moments are waiting to happen! I am excited to become your sweetheart for the evening, your exclusive confidante over dinner, your naughty flame after midnight. How would you like to celebrate our romance?

When reviewing my packages, please be mindful of some basic etiquette: kindly avoid any discussion of my consideration structure at all times less our association come to an unfortunate end; of course, all packages are non negotiable and would indicate poor taste in doing so. If you would like to extend our date, please first ask if I am available. Be sure to come prepared with the appropriate consideration.

Oh, you would like to gift me a token of your affection? You shouldn’t have! I never expect trinkets of fondness but would certainly be appreciative if you were inclined to do so.

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Taste the Experience

An intimate sampling becomes a tease when you realize you want even more of my time.

500 (60min) Only available while traveling + Existing friends


Lustful Inamorata

Even with 1-3 hours of required public time, attraction builds until we cannot resist the obvious.

1200 (3 hrs)

1500 (4 hrs)

2000 (6 hrs)

Sensual Luxury

The opulence of life and the richness of passion is at its peak! Dinner and public time is required.

2,500 (8 hrs)

Overnight Escapade

A tale of heated desire blends seamlessly with a dose of culture and cuisine. 7 hours of rest time is required.

3,500(24 hrs)

Steady Companion

Let’s admit that we cannot get enough of each other. A standing arrangement for the esteemed gentleman.

Contact me for details  / month

Fly Me to You

1,500 (3 hrs)

2,500(12 hrs)


Travel incidentals – first class flights, drivers and hotel accommodations are not included in Steady Companion or Fly Me to You packages.

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Fees are for time and companionship only. If anything else happens it is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults.
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