I am so curious about you! What can I expect during our engagement?

First, I’m quite sure that I will leave an indelible impression. With a flair for understated style, I dress impeccably, appropriate for any occasion. Discretion is second nature to me whether in a public venue or passing through a hotel lobby together. As a very passionate and attentive lady, I will shroud you with affection, causing you to feel out of this world. Above all, expect an evening of a lifetime!

I’m a little nervous about screening. Is it really necessary?

Absolutely. But don’t worry. Confirming that you are the person whom you claim to be ensures my safety and a harmonious evening unencumbered by questions. Since I look for chemistry, what you share about yourself will indicate the degree of our compatibility. If you prefer, email me with your full name, mobile phone number, email address, two (2) reputable provider references and one or two review board handles. If you are new to the world of companionship and do not have provider references, please give me your work information – name of employer, main office phone number, company website URL that shows your picture somewhere (if possible) and your direct line. I can assure you that my employment verification method is highly discreet and anonymous and all coordinates discarded after verification is complete.

What kind of man captures your attention? 

I like a man with the flexibility to go from business attire to casual gear in a snap. I find incredibly sexy that somewhat disheveled, manly look with underlying tones of immaculate hygiene. My man has no problem sporting a designer suit and rolls out the red carpet for a lady no matter what he’s wearing. A heightened awareness of health is a big plus!

What are your hobbies? 

I thrive on early morning meditation and yoga to stay balanced and maintain my inner peace. Frequenting art galleries while pondering the abstract provides a mental lift that expands my intellect. Last but certainly not least, the entire experience of fine dining in good company with incredible cuisine exhilarates me to no end.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Countries in the South Asian region boast some breathtakingly beautiful meditation retreats. I would be privileged to explore any of these territories – Nepal, Himalaya, Sri Lanka and more.

Can you send me some unblurred pictures? 

The best way to catch up with me and view current photos and lots of fun, sexy selfies is to follow me on Twitter and join my mailing list for updates. You won’t regret it!

What is your idea of the perfect evening?  

Nothing is more near and dear to my heart than being treated like a queen during our time together! As a true romantic with a gentle side, I really enjoy lots of hand holding, subtle kisses on my hand or cheek to remind me of how special I am to you. While I am rather understated about any public display of affection, I tend to get a little frisky in private. Following an exquisite meal (please hold the seafood), why not kick up our heels and head out to a saucy strip club at midnight? Let’s top off the evening with a steamy shower that will lead to unspeakable passion.

Fees are for time and companionship only. If anything else happens it is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults.
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