Please Note:

For international bookings, please try to give me a sufficient notice between 1-2 weeks. All travel expenses must be covered in advance and will not be included in package.

The remaining balance for all kind of bookings is to be placed in the bathroom countertop or on a table in full view in an unsealed envelope marked ‘GIFT’ and to be exchanged immediately upon my arrival. Should we meet in a public place, please  greet me with my donation in a gift bag, magazine or newspaper, tucked but in an unsealed envelope and kindly exchange discreetly immediately upon my arrival.

It is understood that as an elite companion my time is valuable, as yours and not to be exceeded without an appropriate consideration of my donation. No matter the chemistry that develops between us during our date if you would like to extend your time with me, please ask if my time is available and prepare yourself in advance for what the additional consideration of my donation will be to limit any discussion to no more than just a few words and continue enjoying our date.

Money exchanged is for my time and companionship only what may occur between two adults is their personal choice.

Cancellations: If cancelling or re-scheduling our engagement is necessary, please be respectful of my time and contact me by email at your earliest possible convenience.

Fees are for time and companionship only. If anything else happens it is a matter of coincidence and choice between consenting adults.
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